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Benefits of eating Porridge
Porridge provides you with lasting energy to start your day strong. It is loaded with healthy fiber and micronutrients that provides energy to fuel an active lifestyle.
Because of its rich nature, it’s an ideal meal that gives you the sensation of being full longer than other breakfast options. More importantly, porridge helps fill your stomach without adding calories.
Fortified porridge also has significant amounts of added calcium and phosphorus, both of which benefit your bone health. Porridge also comes fortified with iron, a mineral that supports your metabolism and nourishes your red blood cells.
A cup of fortified porridge also provides B vitamins, which help your body turn food into energy, and generous amounts of minerals like iron, magnesium and zinc.

First Thousand Days!
It has been scientifically proven that the 1,000-day window has a profound impact on a child’s ability to grow, learn, and thrive. Everything from the child’s overall health to cognitive development is rooted in the first 1,000 days. A focus on the health during this critical stage of growth (from a child’s conception to second birthday) is key – BFF believes that attention to the nutritional needs of mothers and children during these 1,000 days is critical and exponentially effective.